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Zanzibar Exploring Trip

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About Zanzibar Exploring Trip

Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa. On its main island, Unguja, familiarly called Zanzibar, is Stone Town, a historic trade center with Swahili and Islamic influences. Its winding lanes present minarets, carved doorways and 19th-century landmarks such as the House of Wonders, a former sultan’s palace. The northern villages Nungwi and Kendwa have wide beaches lined with hotels. There is no better way to end your safari than by spending a few days relaxing on the pristine beaches of the exotic Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar is famous for its tropical character. Zanzibar coastline consists mainly of white sandy beaches and clear blue water. Stroll through the cobbled alleyways of the historic Stone town and as you pass by one of the many palace ruins and Persian baths it is impossible not to be captivated by the strong Arabian influence and the romanticism of the Island.

Day 1- Taking a Flight to Zanzibar

Going to Beachers and visit Stone Town on a day trip but we recommend spending . There are plenty of hotels in the area.

Day 2- Going to Uguja

Unguja has awesome beaches to realax and swimming in clean water out of crowd of people

Day 3- Landing at Pemba island

Pemba here we will see old historical places to keep you in wow mood

Day 4- Going to Kaskazin magharibi

In kaskazini magharibi you will meet swahili people and know their culture and lifestyle

Day 5- Having a Great Finish up with plenty of sweet foods

on last day you will enjoy eating the cultue food found here only in zanzibar and being amaized by how they taste